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Should I Get a Wedding Videographer?

You may think that photographs will be enough to capture your day and while I would never do without having a photographer at my own wedding, it still doesn’t capture the voices/expressions/laughter/tears of your day. We got married ourselves in August 2016 and I could not even remember a lot of the ceremony right after it. I was so caught up in emotions, I didn’t hear a word the registrar said. The same went for the speeches, I remembered the general gist and I made a speech myself. It wasn’t until I watched the video that I remembered how I got all emotional in the middle of speaking and my husband came up, just to make me laugh and relax. Now that was my own speech and I’d forgotten that. Maybe I need to get my head checked or else it was just there was so much going on in the day and as everyone says, it really does fly.


I feel so sad when I hear friend’s regrets about how they didn’t get a wedding videographer. It’s not something you can go back on. On that note, it’s so important to speak to your videographer before hand and make sure you’re on the same page. Being a female videographer, I feel I have a natural intuition for what is most important to the bride and groom on the day. My own videographer didn’t really get that on the day. Just one example, he got a split second of me walking down the aisle. Now if that’s not on the list of MOST IMPORTANT SHOTS TO GET then I don’t know what is. It was quite upsetting because, as I said earlier, that’s not something you can go back on.


Let’s look at other reasons to get a (quality) wedding videographer:


  • Capturing movement and sound – your vows, that magical confetti shot as you walk through your friends and family for the first time as wife and husband, the speeches, the way you twirl around on the dance floor during your first dance together and all those unexpected delights from the day.
  • Sharing your ceremony, speeches and your day with loved ones that can’t be there on the day.
  • Video captures things that you may not even see on the day for example your flowers girl and page boy walking down the aisle ahead of you.
  • An emotional highlights video that you can share online for everyone to see the best bits from your special day.
  • You can watch it again and again forever more and it’ll become even more precious to you when you can show it to your grandkids.
  • The pure emotions of your day captured in a natural way that you can look back on with fond memories.


The most valuable lessons I’ve learned about wedding videography were from my own wedding video. My videographer had lovely quality films but, it’s sad to say that he was not in tune with what was actually important on the day. I felt that maybe he had one too many weddings at that stage, it was more of a production to him and there are only so many “arty” shots of trees blowing in the wind that I needed to see from my day. As I mentioned, he missed me walking down the aisle (I later saw the original footage and he was focusing on guests – I love my guests but not so much that I don’t get to relive walking down the aisle with my Dad) but there were other important things like my flowers girls and pageboy. I have all of the original footage and there isn’t one bit of footage of them. They were in the room getting ready with me and he doesn’t have any of them even putting on their cute little flower headbands. I was dumbfounded. But it drove home the fact that I appreciate these parts in others weddings and it fills me with confidence with what I do. Let’s not mention the fact that he also missed my Dad seeing me, all ready to go for the first time. Oops, I just mentioned it. It’s not nice to learn these lessons after the day is over. So be careful out there – make sure to look out for these details in videographers portfolio.


I know it’s so difficult to choose your team of wedding suppliers but if you’re looking for a couple of videographers who won’t interfere with your day, will blend into the background, who won’t make it into a movie production, who will just capture it as it happens, in a natural but beautiful way, who are aware of what is important on the day, which is you and your partner, the love you share and the family and friends who have come to celebrate that love with you, then we are your people.


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